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Seet Studio

A Perth freelance graphic designer with a passion for helping you find your unique brand personality.

Denzel Seet specialises in providing graphics, web and multimedia design solutions to various industry sectors. Armed with 14 years of design experience, he has worked with various design agencies and companies in Perth, Western Australia. Companies such as Delstrat Group, Ideal Homes, Affordable Living Homes, Broadway Homes, EcoPallets, NRW Civil & Mining, Monadelphous, PIE Engineering and ECU.

His projects range from corporate branding, annual reports, marketing collateral, event & environmental design, publication, social media, website and video editing. Recently, he has also taken up photography ( – capturing memorable moments at weddings, events and family and newborn portraits.

Seet Studio?

Design. Reinvent.

More is less and less is more. Creative design that is simple, engaging, memorable and likeable at its core. However Design is not just how it feels like and looks like but rather how it works to deliver your unique brand culture.


Brand & Business Communications

Graphic Design includes;

Brand Identity (logo design & development), Brand Image & Culture, Stationery, Style Guide, Annual Report, Prospectus, Brochures & Flyers, Signage and Print Advertising, Packaging & Label Design, Promotion Document and Corporate Profile.

Online Communication

Web Design / Digital Design includes;

Web Design & Development, Web Server Setup, CMS (Content Management System), Online Advertising, E-newsletter, Audio and Video.

Graphic Design What is it?

In reality it’s already effecting your decisions the minute you drive down to your local grocery shop or taking an overseas trip. Some decisions or choices you make can be affected by visual design messages whether you realise it or not. When you are at the airport looking for directions, or you’re walking inside a grocery shop, the signage and product packaging may influence your emotions and subsequently your choice or direction or purchase. More importantly your decisions could also be influenced by personal experience and trust associated with a brand or logo.

Graphic design is more than just matching pretty pictures with text. It’s about delivering and articulating a clear message, emotion and value in it’s simplest form.

Drop me an email to find out how we can help you through your journey in presenting value through your product and services.

The reality is not everyone really knows what Graphic Design is and often overlooks its existence. Most may associate Graphic Design to magazines from a local bookshop, logos or stationery on a company letterhead or some images and text put together to from a pretty picture.

Graphic Design is everywhere. We are consistently exposed to graphic design without realising it. It plays an important and intricate part of our daily life. At this exact moment while you are reading this article you are exposed to graphic design. Look around, you don’t have to look far. The icons on your desktop clearly differentiate which are applications and documents, the brand logo that is on your electronic goods, the watch on your wrist or clothing you wear. All of these have gone through a design process.

But how can graphic design play an important and intricate part of our daily life? How can graphic design affect what you do and decide daily?

The Wonderful World of Worldwide Web

At this very moment you are using the web to access Seet Studio. Its a powerful tool that enables users to navigate to the website from anywhere as long you have a computer and connection to the Internet.
Why is everyone using the web? What is the sole purpose of the web? The short answer is Information and Networking.

The primary goal for a business website is to deliver useful and informative messages to your audience. The content of the website ultimately drives the website and should encourage your audience to return without hesitation. However not all websites are used just for delivering business information alone. In fact many are now using the technology for blogging (personal online diary) and social networking using sites like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

Millions of people use the web everyday. Figures based on Internet World Stats, indicate that on 30th November 2015 there were approximately 3,366,261,156 users. That is well over 3 trillion users accessing the web on that day alone. That is the power of web, it allows anyone and everyone to access information from anywhere at anytime. Imagine your business website visited by a fraction of the 3 trillion users and the vast exposure of this visit showcasing what your business can do and potentially generation of new business.

Be it for personal, business, government or non-profit organisations, the Internet is a powerful and cost effective way to deliver your message to trillions of users worldwide, most of whom you would hope to become your customers or email to find out how I can help you to leverage this simple yet effective tool.

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“A Brand That Captures Your Mind Gains Behaviour.

A Brand That Captures Your Heart Gains Commitment.”


Scott Talgo

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